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HP Designjet Printer Price In Bangladesh

HP Designjet printer is a large format printer and also called plotter printer. HP Designjet is an affordable, compact, and efficient solution for designers and offices that need to produce CAD and large-scale projects, detailed posters, maps, or other large prints. Easily switch between A3/B and A1/D media sizes without switching the media source With large format roll paper, you will be able to get the best results from your Designjet printer and enjoy the most realistic versions of your work. Print maps, technical drawings, posters, and renders easily and affordably with the world's smallest wide-format printer. Among the paper options available is HP Universal Bond Paper with ColorPRO Technology for extraordinary pictures, HP Coated Paper for crisp lines for architectural renderings, and Universal Instant-Dry Gloss Photo Paper for mesmerizing photos. Your smartphone can be used to set up a hp Designjet plotter.