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Buy TP-Link Tapo WiFi Camera At The Price In Bangladesh

TP-Link Tapo Camera has been one of the most popular brands of wireless network IP cameras since its inception. This is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories, Tapo possesses insightful industry awareness and reliable production practices. Tapo was created to engage in the small intelligent appliances market, to help people adopt a new smart home lifestyle at an affordable cost. That’s why we insist on Smart, Easy, Secure. Tp-Link Tapo Camera devices armed with advanced technology and reliable crafting are designed to eliminate potential hazards. Imbued with AI technology, Tapo smart home facilitates your life in an intelligent way. Tapo smart home is built to bring convenience to our extraordinary users.

TP-Link Tapo WiFi Camera Can Capture Every Moment

Tapo Care plan, all of your events are recorded and you can easily review them—anytime, anywhere—via the Tapo app. Recorded video is saved to the cloud for 30 days** for you to access at your convenience, regardless of camera status (even if the camera is unplugged or stolen). Smart alerts notify you in real-time the instant your camera detects a person with a snapshot. Instantly review the related video clip to know exactly what’s happening anytime there is unusual activity.

Privacy Zone

Set customizable block zones to keep certain spaces from being recorded so you never need to worry about personal moments being leaked. Filter out any personal spaces, like your bed, and only record areas that require monitoring such as doorways and windows to ensure your privacy remains just that—private.

Keep an Eye on any Movement

A subscription to Tapo Care allows your camera to track motion so you can even follow your pet’s every action when you’re at work.

Where to get the best price TP-Link Tapo Camera in Bangladesh?

The best price TP-Link Tapo Camera available in Bangladesh is available only on Powerline Computer. Order Online to get fast delivery anywhere in BD.